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Spacks anticipates our questions because she has spent countless afternoon teas in the company of an author whose ear was tuned to subtleties of dialogue and whose heart was sensitive to both the machinations of romance and the meanness of wealth. The Annotated Edition is an oversized volume packed with period illustrations and notation, illuminating the text and the life of Austen. The digital Loeb Classical Library loebclassics.

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The word will resonate throughout the novel. There are essentially two kinds of property, real in the sense of real estate and portable, as in cash, jewels, bonds. The irony here is that the women view the young men as ambulatory property, when, immediately upon marriage, the woman will become the legal property of her husband hardly to be differentiated, if he chooses, from baggage.

Husbands and wives often addressed one another as Mr. The designation "park" indicated a substantial estate, the "park" portion of which was enclosed by a wall, hedges, or fence and included meadow or pasture and woods.

The Annotated Pride and Prejudice

The park was set aside for sheep, cattle, or deer. Originally "park" meant an enclosed tract of land held by royal grant that allowed only the owner to hunt there. Bennet, full of urgent news, has to contend with a husband whose silences and ironies drive her to desperation. Bennets' respective characters are exhibited entirely through their dialogue from now until the chapter's end, excepting the final paragraph. Austen's extensive use of direct speech does much to give her novels their sense of immediacy.

The Annotated Pride And Prejudice

Not from the north of England but from London, which is always "up" and the rest of Britain, including Edinburgh, "down. A chaise and four bespeaks money, beginning with the four horses. September 29, one of the year's quarter days. These were also occasions to settle accounts such as bills, rents, and tithes.

Though there were taxes on everything from income to servants, carriages, horses, windows, and dogs, Bingley's income is large for the time. Moreover, he has few expenses.

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Rules of etiquette, class differences, the position of women, legal and economic realities, leisure activities, and more. Archaic words, words still in use whose meanings have changed, and obscure passages are explained. The first-ever fully annotated edition of one of the most beloved novels in the world—now as an award-winning interactive eBook—is a sheer delight for fans and students of Jane Austen. Here is the complete text of Pride and Prejudice with thousands of annotations and hundreds of illustrations edited by Austen scholar David Shapard, along with video provided by BBC Worldwide Learning, and many unique interactive features including: Complete audiobook of Pride and Prejudice synced to the text of the novel.

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