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Its essence is simple: But how did this retarded ideology gain so many followers, especially among terrorists? Again history comes to our aid. He found an ally in Muhammad bin Saud. You might find the last name familiar.

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An alliance was born in that tent, the kind as ancient as kingship itself where the religion provided legitimacy to the king and the king provided the religious forces with hosts to prey upon, otherwise known as subject. He expressed his gratitude to the benefits reaped from his alliance by making Wahhabism the official religious doctrine.

Saudi Arabia was relatively large but still a poor Arabian country.

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They would have remained like this had oil not been discovered, to what should be the dismay of peace-loving people everywhere. Since they had more money than could literally count, they decided to invest it in areas they deemed important.

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  • They started exporting their brand of Islam everywhere. The oil money funded exportation of their Islamist ideology with some help of technology based on much despised science to other Muslims around the world.

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    Islamic universities in Indonesia , madrassas in Pakistan , mosques in India etc. The hate filled sermons verbally assault everything they deemed un-Islamic. They may claim to be peaceful, but just google Wahhabi sites and see the hatred they spew.

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    But because war of words is boring, they soon moved to physical acts of terrorism. One would imagine that USA, currently pretending to wage a war on terror, would do something about stopping an ideology which is vehemently anti-USA and anti-West and is the cause behind almost every Islamic terrorist attack. USA invaded Afghanistan because it sheltered good old Osama, but conveniently forgot the country that created and nurtured him and continues to use his clones to push its agenda since its army is too ineffective and what better than foreign volunteers fighting its war on foreign shores.

    While the USA was at war with latter, it did everything to fight, isolate and neutralize its source: But now when it is at war with the former, it is friends with its source: No wonder USA is losing the fight worldwide.

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    Some of you may ridicule the comparison but guess which two wars have allowed the USA defense budget to remain so high: Cold War and War on Terror. This edited quantity bargains with the reintegration and trajectories of intrastate or interstate battle veterans. It increases the query of the consequences of the struggle adventure on ex-combatants with regards, particularly, to the perpetuation of a undeniable point of violence in addition to the holding of buildings, networks, and warfare equipment after the struggle.

    La famiglia al tempo della crisi. Bethany Ann Lacina's Rival Claims: By Father Patrick Bascio,Adolph Caso This publication addresses the tough challenge of defeating Islamic terrorism from a shocking and intensely powerful vantage element.

    The fall of Islamic State