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Gestire un terremoto in Italia: breve prontuario d’emergenza sismica - il lavoro culturale

Intende investire nello sviluppo di una rete simile a quella delineata dalla Repubblica di Corea? A trial network would be available by , with a full rollout by The Ministry also confirmed that it intended to develop advanced features for the new network including, amongst other things, Ultra-HD streaming and hologram transmission. The programme will be implemented in collaboration with major public and private telephone operators in Korea, and with producers of telecommunications technology and software.

One such company has already carried out a number of tests and, according to internal sources, has successfully produced a 1, Gigabit per second signal which can be received at a distance of up to two kilometres. In the context of the above, can the Commission advise whether it is aware of the announcement made by the Korean Ministry and of the initial tests that have been carried out?

Does it intend to invest in the development of a network similar to the one planned by the Republic of Korea? The Commission is well aware of the 5G plans in Korea and elsewhere , anticipating the need to rapidly focus European research and developments on 5G. Commission services have been working for more than a year with all major industrial and research actors of the sector on the setting up of a 5G Public Private Partnership 5G PPP. This initiative complements the Connected Continent package for a comprehensive approach towards the European telecom sector. The MWC was also the occasion for industrial leaders to reaffirm their full support to the plans.

Regarding the tests in Korea, the announcements so far concern millimeter wave transmission and are per se not revolutionary, and certainly not beyond capabilities of European actors. Considering that networks develop globally with very high requirements towards interoperability, the Commission intends to support international cooperation with South Korea, e.

Violenze xenofobe contro i senzatetto. Una delle persone aggredite, una donna, ha riportato una frattura scomposta al braccio, mentre gli altri tre sono stati feriti alla testa e alle gambe. Le forze di polizia incaricate dell'indagine propendono per la pista xenofoba. One of the persons assaulted, a woman, suffered a displaced fracture of the arm, whereas the other three received injuries to the head and legs. The police officers leading the enquiry are inclined to believe it was a racially-motivated attack.

At its plenary session in January, the European Parliament approved the proposed resolution on the homelessness strategy, but this is still far from becoming a reality. To this effect, can the Commission clarify whether episodes of racial violence against homeless people have occurred in other Member States, and whether any measures are already in place to ensure protection and legal assistance for these people?

However, it is, and will remain, for national authorities to investigate individual cases to determine whether they represent cases of racially motivated hate crime. Contaminazione da cloruro di vinile monomero dell'acqua potabile nell'acquedotto della frazione di Bertesina nel comune di Vicenza. Nel dicembre del la stampa locale ha riportato la notizia della temporanea chiusura a fini di messa in sicurezza di un pozzo che serve un importante acquedotto del comune di Vicenza, ubicato nella frazione di Bertesina. The contaminated water main serves users to the east of Vicenza city and in some parts of other municipalities, such as Bolzano Vicentino, Montebello and Torri di Quartesolo.

Much higher groundwater levels of this pollutant — The emergency now appears to be over: Nevertheless, what has happened is still a cause of concern for the water users in question and local people in general. I would remind the Commission of the previous question that I tabled — E — on similar cases of contamination in Verona province.

In its answer, the Commission said it would wait until it had assessed the data included in the synthesis report on drinking water quality that it will publish by the end of , to be based on the latest reports by the individual Member States, before deciding whether to take action. Does it not believe that cases of drinking water and other water contamination have become so serious and so frequent in the Veneto region that urgent action is warranted without waiting until ?

The Commission is not aware of the specific case of vinyl chloride contamination in Bertesina, Italy, referred to by the Honourable Member of Parliament. In case of non-compliance with parametric values, Member States shall take remedial action to restore the quality of water. From the information provided by the Honourable Member, it appears that the Italian Authorities have taken the necessary remedial action to restore water quality after having found values exceeding this threshold. The Commission has no further information that would indicate a violation of the requirements of the directive in the Veneto area.

Chrom VI -Verbindungen sind gentoxische Karzinogene. Falls nicht, weshalb nicht? Hexavalent chromium compounds are genotoxic carcinogens. In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency has not set a maximum contaminant level but it is currently investigating such legislation. In California, on the other hand, there is a goal of limiting Chromium VI to 0.

Is there any particular reason why a specific limit for hexavalent chromium has not been set? Is the Commission considering setting a possible limit? Should the WHO guidance change or scientific and technical progress warrant it, the Commission would carefully assess the information available and decide on the appropriate course of action. Furthermore, does the Commission intend to address the issue of the longevity of timeshare contracts in the review? If not, what is the Commission doing to address these forms of contract, which can be detrimental to consumers?

Inter alia, an interview programme is currently carried out with the relevant national authorities and the consumer and trader representatives as part of an external evaluation study. If the timeshare seller fails to provide this or other mandatory information as required by the directive, the period during which the consumer can withdraw from the timeshare contract without giving any reason, is extended to three months and 14 calendar days. It is also proposing requirements for a certain level of credit enhancement for ratings on securitisations that exceed the sovereign rating by even one notch.

The current regulatory framework for credit ratings agencies, i. In addition, rating agencies habitually consult publicly on planned revisions to their rating methodologies so all market participants can express views on the proposed changes. Fl, l-ECC-Net tratta madwar 2, ilment relatati ma' timeshare u klabbs tal-btajjel. However, there are still several instances of abuses in the selling of timeshares to tourists who visit Malta on holiday.

Is the Commission aware of any similar problems being faced by consumers in the selling of timeshares in any other Member State? In particular, the directive contains strict rules on the right of withdrawal and information requirements, which protect consumers from concluding timeshare contracts that they might actually not want and ensure that they enter into such transactions with full knowledge of the relevant terms and conditions. The evaluation of the application of the directive is currently underway and the Commission will report to the European Parliament and the Council in The Commission is aware of consumer complaints about timeshare sellers in several Member States.

In , the ECC-Net dealt with about complaints related to timeshare and holiday clubs. The ECC-Net is regularly carrying out awareness raising activities on the risks that consumers can face with such products. The Council also called for the mobilisation of all efforts in order to implement the actions proposed in this communication within a clear timeframe, which should be indicated by the Commission.

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In view of this, what specific action has the Commission taken to date in relation to the outlined operational actions? Has the Commission already set clear timeframes for the proposed operational actions? As set out in the communication on the work of the Task Force, the Commission has started implementing several activities falling within its remit, including: Frontex has reinforced its operations in the Mediterranean, and the co-legislators have agreed on a compromise text on rules of border surveillance at the external sea border.

Finally, to support Member States, emergency funds have been mobilised. The communication included a call for voluntary relocation by Member States. The Commission remains committed to the policy of relocation. Relocation will no longer be limited to assisting Malta and could be used for other Member States. What does the Commission intend to do to ensure that the LIFE programme works more effectively to achieve its objective of acting as a catalyst for environmental change?

In particular, the concept of Integrated projects with four priority areas nature, air, water and waste will allow using LIFE to lever other funds public or private to support large scale projects and improve the enforcement of EU policy and thus the state of environment. The new information and governance strand under this new LIFE Programme will allow actors in the field to contribute to a common implementation of EU environmental requirements.

In addition, the possibility to earmark money for preparatory actions, capacity building as well as technical assistance to design integrated projects will facilitate a more homogenous participation of stakeholders in the Programme, and thus increase its efficiency. Finally, the possibility to use innovative financial instruments as loans, guarantees or equity under the new LIFE Programme will attract greater funding for nature and climate actions, in partnership with the private sector and financial institutions EIB — EIF.

This scheme pays compensation where a licensed investment firm is unable, or is likely to be unable, to pay claims against it. In general, this happens when the licensed firm stops trading or becomes insolvent. Moreover, what is the Commission doing to ensure that the reserves accumulated in such a scheme are sufficient to provide compensation to all European consumers? The current Investor Compensation Schemes Directive does not mandate the collection of ex ante contributions for investor compensation schemes and does not require national compensation schemes to communicate the level of their available financial means to the Commission.

That proposal also requires Member States to annually inform the European Securities Markets Authority of the level of funding of their investor compensation schemes. This proposal stands before the co-legislators and the Commission would encourage them to resume discussions in view of a legislative agreement. Can the Commission provide an update on the progress made on the proposal for a directive on the prevention of the use of the financial system for the purpose of money laundering and terrorist financing?

Significant progess has been achieved under the Lithuanian Presidency on the proposal for a directive. The Commission understands that the Greek Presidency will seek to achieve a general approach on this file as soon as possible. However, the ESU has also defined key policy areas where improvements can be made, namely equal treatment and the right to mobility. How does the Commission intend to improve such policy areas as part of its international strategy for higher education in Europe? The Commission's role in the field of education, as defined by the Lisbon Treaty, is to contribute to quality education by supporting and supplementing the Member States in their activities.

Student mobility remains the competence of the individual Member States. The programme foresees higher grants for students and staff with special needs so that they can take full advantage of the mobility opportunities offered by the programme. Karti tal-flus tal-euro ffalsifikati. The European Central Bank has released statistics on the number of counterfeit banknotes withdrawn from circulation. The European Central Bank deemed the figure very low considering the number of genuine euro banknotes in circulation at any one time.

What will the Commission do to assist the European Central Bank and the Eurosystem to ensure that euro banknotes remain a trusted and safe means of payment? The eligible actions will also include grants to finance equipment to be used by specialised anti-counterfeiting authorities. To this end, what does the Commission intend to do to further reduce mortality rates for breast and any other types of cancer? Moreover, is the Commission planning to increase funding for breast cancer research? The Commission helps Member States to reduce cancer incidence, through coordination of action on all cancer-related fronts, such as national cancer plans, prevention, screening, research and comparable data collection.

EU research funding is granted on the basis of competitive calls for proposals, following an independent peer-review evaluation. Wenn nein, weshalb nicht, und wenn ja, wie viel? Die Kommission unternimmt beispiellose Anstrengungen, den Verhandlungsprozess transparenter zu gestalten. A stakeholder meeting took place last week as part of the third round of the TTIP negotiations. Are trade associations and industry lobbyists entirely entitled to claim back travel expenses within the framework of the Civil Society Dialogue?

Which participants have had travel expenses reimbursed for the meeting in question and for previous meetings, and how much were they reimbursed? Are national media journalists reimbursed travel expenses? If not, why not, and if so, how much? Why do US business representatives, in particular, receive access to all the relevant documents from the TTIP negotiations but European civil society does not?

From precisely which budget line is the reimbursement of travel expenses for the participants in the stakeholder meetings being financed? Payment of travel arrangements for attendance to CSD meetings is only for organisations not based in Brussels. When travel expenses are paid, it is indicated funded in the list of participants. The Commission is making unprecedented efforts to improve transparency of the negotiating process through the publication of its position papers, the organisation of regular stakeholder events and the decision to launch a public consultation on investment protection provisions.

The Geneva II talks are currently taking place between the Syrian Government and various representatives of the opposition. This movement has declared the independence of the province of Al-Hasakah and has driven out both the Syrian army and Islamist militias from this region. It is therefore a key player in the situation in Syria. According to statements by spokespeople for the PYD, they asked the sponsors of the conference if they could participate, but were vetoed by the USA. Does the Commission know whether the PYD or representatives for Western Kurdistan have asked the sponsors of the conference if they can be present at the talks?

Does the Commission know whether the presence of the PYD has been vetoed by any of the sponsors? Has the Commission taken any stance with regard to this veto, if such a veto exists? If so, what steps will the Commission take to ensure that the PYD is present at the current talks and any future talks aimed at the democratic resolution of the conflict in Syria?

The Commission is not aware whether the PYD or representatives for Western Kurdistan asked the organisers of the Geneva conference on Syria to participate in the conference. The Commission has also not been approached by any of these representatives and is not aware of any actions by the organisers with regard to such an initiative. The SOC delegation included the Kurdish representatives. This paper includes proposals for Member States to design and approve drought plans for all river basins, in which factors such as the time of year, the input to waterways and the amount of water reserves available, both surface and subterranean, should be taken into account in order to determine how resources should be distributed and what measures should be adopted at any given time in order to minimise the effects of droughts and ensure the preservation of water eco-systems at all times.

Another proposal is that buffer zones should be created that are free from fertilisers and pesticides and wide enough to ensure their effectiveness as barriers against diffuse agricultural pollution.

Algunas normas relativas al agua forman parte ya de la condicionalidad. Specifically, does the Commission think that these recommendations have been appropriately incorporated into the new CAP? Does the Commission take the view that the Water Framework Directive ought to take precedence over any other kind of legislation relating to territorial, agricultural or industrial policies? As regards the European Regional Development Fund ERDF and the Cohesion Fund, the regulations for the programming period include a specific investment priority on water management.

In addition, as a new development, the use of ERDF or Cohesion Fund on water management is subject to an ex-ante conditionality related to specific Articles of the Water Framework Directive. Some standards on water are already part of Cross-compliance. Moreover, the greening practices together with measures applied under Rural Development Programmes have very significant potential to address agriculture's impact on water. The CAP is equipped of a monitoring and evaluation system which assesses the results and the impact of measures on the environment.

However, the primary instrument for managing waters at the river basin level is the Water Framework Directive with the River Basin Management Plans that enact that directive's requirements. Set-aside, also referred to as crop rotation, is a tried and tested method of giving cultivated soil the opportunity to regenerate.

In order to meet the constantly increasing demand for food, however, the rate has not been put back up since then. It has now been proven that strategic set-aside plays a crucial role in biodiversity, however. What statistics can the Commission produce in order to prove that the full suspension of set-aside was necessary? How can the Commission explain why the set-aside rate has not yet been increased, despite the fact that there is a surplus in food production across Europe, and in light of the fact that, on a global level, 1. This step has been undertaken because the reasoning to set-aside agricultural land was no longer valid.

Instead of agricultural surpluses EU agriculture faces nowadays a constantly increasing demand for food, feed and biomass. Therefore, the available agricultural area will be needed for primary production. Nevertheless, the positive impact that set-aside can have on soil functionality and biodiversity is well acknowledged.

Fallow land is one type of land that counts as ecological focus area. In addition, voluntary set-aside of agricultural land for environmental purposes can be supported by agri-environmental-climate measures as part of Rural Development. Hence, the CAP offers also in the future incentives to set-aside land where it is needed. In connection with the foregoing, does the Commission intend to take any steps to assist this imprisoned member of the Belarus opposition?

The Commission is aware of the case of J. The EU takes every opportunity to ensure that the authorities are made aware of the EU's concerns, including of this case, and prompted to address these concerns. How will the Commission ensure that existing cross-border partnerships continue to receive in the long term the level of financial support from EaSI that they need? How will the Commission ensure a smooth transition for cross-border partnerships from the current to the forthcoming funding period? When will the contracts between the Commission and the main applicants for EURES cross-border partnerships be available for signature?

When does the funding period begin for the first call for proposals under EaSI? Will existing cross-border partnership be affected by a funding gap, and if so, how will it be closed? How will the Commission ensure that cross-border partnerships under EaSI will be recognised as cross-border operators and included in the EURES network as independent institutions which are not subject to national priorities? In order to simplify administration for the beneficiaries, support under the call for proposals will be granted only for expenditure incurred in the calendar year. It is subject to approval by Parliament and the Council and has no bearing on the funding under the calls for proposals for EaSI.

Ano Internacional da Agricultura Familiar. The United Nations has designated as the International Year of Family Farming, in recognition of this type of farming's fundamental contribution to world food security. Unlike other more intensive forms of agriculture, which are essentially motivated by profit, one of the hallmarks of family farming is its unparalleled emotional link to the land, expressed in greater concern for the environment, which leads it to develop more sustainable and lasting forms of land use and contribute positively to maintaining rural populations, revitalising the countryside, promoting territorial and social cohesion, employment, management of natural resources, environmental protection and, in general, to the development and sustainable use of rural areas.

Does the Commission recognise the specific difficulties faced by family farmers in terms of access to land and credit, excessive bureaucracy, technical training and promoting their products in the current context of imbalances along the agro-food chain? What specific measures does the Commission plan to draw up during this international year of Family Farming? All presentations are uploaded on the following website: Daher ersuchen wir die Kommission um die Beantwortung der folgenden Frage:.

Eine Reihe sicherheitsrelevanter Reaktorforschungsprojekte wurde z.

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We therefore ask the Commission to answer the following question:. Promoting reactor safety research in Europe has been an essential objective of the successive Euratom Research and Training Programmes, supported both through indirect actions and direct actions of the Commission's Joint Research Centre. Even more so after Fukushima, all reactor research activities funded by Euratom are characterised by the overriding concern to ensure continuous improvements of nuclear safety.

The Italian investment bank, Mediobanca, like a number of other entities and experts, believes that the Castor gas storage facility would lead to a considerable rise in gas tariffs for Spanish consumers if it begins its commercial operations. The consensus among investment banks means that it will be beneficial for the final tariffs paid by consumers and act as a curb on the gas tariff deficit if Castor does not come into operation. What information did the Commission have regarding the risks associated with the Castor project before the EIB approved the issuing of bonds to fund it?

Is the Commission concerned that energy poverty could increase as a result of this rise? These risks are normally assessed by the project promoters and the corresponding National authorities who provide the required permits and authorisations. As a part of the Spanish energy infrastructure plan, the project was included in the Strategic Environmental Assessment carried out by the Spanish Energy Ministry in In its recent communication COM 15 — A policy framework for climate and energy in the period from to , one of the key elements set out by the Commission is competitive, affordable and secure energy.

The Commission has proposed a set of key indicators to assess progress over time and to provide a factual base for potential policy response. These indicators relate to, for example, energy price differentials with major trading partners, supply diversification and reliance on indigenous energy sources, as well as the interconnection capacity between Member States. Through these indicators, policies will ensure a competitive and secure energy system in a perspective.

On the basis of the information available, the Commission is not in a position to comment on the impact of this project on energy poverty. Na ravni EU pa je bila In its communication on the promotion of cooperative societies in Europe COM , the Commission recognised that social enterprises play an important role in the European economy and contribute to overcoming the crisis. Social enterprises often receive support through calls for tender published by the management authorities in the Member States under the European Social Fund. It is regrettable that the chapter on social entrepreneurship has been entirely left out of the Slovenian operational programmes under the ERDF in the multiannual financial framework.

Will social enterprises also be eligible for financing under other calls for tender for small and medium-sized enterprises, and to what extent will they benefit from positive discrimination? To what extent will the sustainable nature of social enterprises be included among the financing conditions in calls for tender as regards eligibility for funding?

Will it be possible to include the purchase of used equipment as eligible costs rather than new equipment? What has been the experience so far with setting up European social entrepreneurship funds, and what role could the national public authorities play in this regard? Contracting authorities may lay down special conditions economic, innovation-related, environmental, social or employment-related to the performance of a contract.

Establishing a new fund vehicle means prospecting potential investors and obtaining sufficient capital to justify the start of operations. As with private equity or venture capital, significant time is needed for new fund vehicles. The Commission expects progress in this area to be incremental.

Enako velja za potrdila v zvezi s standardi za okoljsko upravljanje. Public procurement has a considerable influence on economic growth and the market. It has therefore often been used in the past decade as a way of achieving aims related to the environment, social policy, development and innovation, encouraging entrepreneurship, and the creation of new green jobs.

In Slovenia public procurement is gradually being greened as the Green Procurement Regulation is being enforced. Because of the present economic situation, in which the crisis is making itself acutely felt, and of the limited supply of environmentally more acceptable products, the environmental criteria in the Green Procurement Regulation have to some extent been adjusted. As far as other green procurement indicators are concerned, Slovenia again ranks among the worst Member States. There are also differences as regards the validity of environmental certificates awarded in Member States: What progress is being made in ascertaining whether public procurement is being greened in in Member States as far as is appropriate, and what steps will the Commission take if green procurement criteria are not met?

What is the position as regards the uniform validity of environmental certificates awarded in Member States when a firm submits a tender under an open procedure in a country that does not specially issue any such certificates? What incentives or frameworks has the Commission planned with a view to increasing the proportion of green procurement?

The Commission is currently considering further measures to help assess the progress on GPP in the various Member States more accurately, e. If a product bearing an eco-label from any particular country fulfils the criteria required by a public authority, the authority may decide to accept that the eco-label is sufficient proof that these criteria are met. Voluntary green purchaser networks should be developed, and the Commission will increase support to procurer networks to encourage sharing of good practice. Is de Commissie van mening dat blasfemiewetten het principe van vrijheid van meningsuiting schenden?

In dat opzicht is het dus alleen aan de lidstaten om ervoor te zorgen dat hun verplichtingen met betrekking tot de grondrechten — die voortkomen uit internationale overeenkomsten en uit hun nationale wetgeving — worden nageleefd.

Download e-book for iPad: Perception and Misperception in International Politics by Robert Jervis

Is the Commission of the opinion that blasphemy laws violate the principle of freedom of expression? In this matter, it is thus for Member States alone to ensure that their obligations regarding fundamental rights — as resulting from international agreements and from their internal legislation — are respected. In this context, the Commission recalls that according to the European Court of Human Rights, the freedom of expression constitutes one of the essential foundations of democratic societies and that this right protects not only information or ideas that are favourably received or regarded as inoffensive or as a matter of indifference, but also those that offend, shock or disturb.

Si tratta con tutta evidenza di una pratica discriminatoria nei confronti dei cittadini UE che non sono di madrelingua inglese. Le candidature possono essere presentate in una qualsiasi delle lingue ufficiali dell'UE. Pertanto, la Commissione non ritiene che alcun gruppo di candidati potenziali sia stato posto in una situazione di svantaggio. In effetti, un simile ritardo avrebbe avuto un impatto negativo sostanziale sui cittadini e sulle organizzazioni dell'UE desiderosi di partecipare al programma.

That being said, can the Commission confirm that April is the publication date for the programme in all official languages of the EU? Does it intend to translate the programme into these languages as soon as possible, in order to avoid the unfair treatment of citizens who do not speak English?

Does it intend to adopt any specific measures to avoid this situation repeating itself in the future, thereby guaranteeing equal opportunities for all Europeans? The guide is currently being translated by the Commission's services, which are also translating similar guides for the other new Union programmes.

The Guide will be made available in all languages as soon as possible. Applications can be submitted in any official EU language. Thus the Commission does not consider that any group of potential applicants has been put at a disadvantage. Indeed, any such delay would have had a substantial negative impact on EU citizens and organisations wishing to participate in the programme. The Commission expects that the translations will be posted on the website during April and May. Quest'ultimo fa parte del Corridoio europeo TAV n. La direttrice dell'Arpa Agenzia Regionale per la Protezione dell'Ambiente di Brescia ha dichiarato che nel caso del cromo la concentrazione presente nel sottosuolo sarebbe addirittura 1.

Il programma FESR per la Lombardia non prevede alcun intervento nel settore della bonifica di terreni inquinati. An inquiry has been opened by the Italian Public Prosecutors of Brescia and Treviso into the reality of illegal toxic waste dumping near a number of important transport routes in Italy. Among the routes involved are the A4 motorway and the Milan-Venice railway line, the latter forming part of the high-speed railway line along Pan-European transport corridor V Lyon-Treviso. Huge quantities of hazardous waste containing nickel, hexavalent chromium and arsenic substances which are highly damaging to both human health and the surrounding environment were found near Brescia, following analysis of soil samples taken from railway construction sites.

With regard to public health and environmental protection, can it work together with the Italian authorities to ensure the removal of all hazardous substances? The Commission is not aware of the facts described by the Honourable Member but understands that an inquiry has already been opened by Italian public prosecutors. A parallel investigation by the Commission would not bring any added value.

The fact that hazardous waste has been found near a construction site which happens to be part of a TEN-T project should, as such, have no impact on the financing of the project. The ERDF Programme for Lombardy does not foresee any intervention in the field of rehabilitation of contaminated land.

In this case, the removal of hazardous substances remains the sole responsibility of the Italian competent authorities. Ich ersuche die Kommission in diesem Zusammenhang, folgende Fragen zu beantworten:. Was gedenkt die Kommission zu tun, um die Diskriminierung zwischen Weinbauern mit und Weinbauern ohne Doppelbesitzerstatus aufzuheben? So-called dual owners i. What does the Commission propose to do in order to eliminate the discrimination between those wine growers who have dual owner status and those who do not?

What does the Commission propose to do in order to facilitate cross-border but regional wine growing and cross-border but regional wine processing? How can the Commission facilitate wine processing within the European Union — while at the same time upholding high quality standards and regional wine cultures and also taking into account the need for adequate information to be provided to consumers? In the case referred to by the Honourable Member, the labelling of the wines obtained is thus possible with the names of the two Member States in which the production of the grapes took place.

Nuevos fondos, mejores normas. Given how helpful this kind of information is for institutions, businesses and citizens:. Does the European Commission have any plans to publish a new edition of this document or some other kind of guide for the new period ? If so, when does it intend to publish this document in all of the official languages of the European Union?

In order to speed up the production process and make this publication available to the public as soon as possible the Commission has planned a web-based publication which will be ready in EN once all the legal bases of the programmes are formally approved. The other language versions will be available at a later stage depending on the speed of the translations services. The leader of the Maltese Nationalist Party, Simon Busuttil, has repeatedly told the press that, should his party be elected to government, he will revoke all passports granted under the Maltese Individual Investor Programme.

Given the principle of the non-retroactivity of law which is enshrined in European law, would the Commission consider the revocation of such legally acquired passports and the rights they accord the individual illegal? El Reglamento es directamente aplicable en cada Estado miembro. Are the various Member States bound to establish their own public service obligations for road transport in order to guarantee all EU citizens can enjoy their right to free movement?

The regulation is directly applicable in all Member States. However, it does not create a positive obligation for Member States to establish public service obligations. These complaints relate to their restriction of access to computer hardware and software updates, a practice which puts the equipment manufacturers in a strong position in the market for hardware and software maintenance agreements. Specifically, access to updates is only granted to customers who have maintenance agreements with the equipment manufacturers.

Does the Commission not take the view that these practices effectively compel hardware and software customers to sign maintenance agreements with their original hardware or software manufacturer? This could be compared to a situation in which a car buyer was only able to have his car serviced by the manufacturer and not by a potentially cheaper independent garage.

Does the Commission share the view that these practices, if allowed to continue unchecked, may have far-reaching effects on competition, such as the freezing-out of independent maintenance providers? In order to establish a violation of EU competition rules, a whole range of legal, economic and factual details have to be assessed in every case, including whether or not an undertaking holds a dominant position in a relevant market.

Hence, the Commission cannot, in the abstract, make a general assessment of the compliance or otherwise of such business practices with EU competition law. The Commission is committed to ensuring that EU competition rules are fully respected and closely monitors market developments. Secondo un esposto di Federfarma Federazione nazionale unitaria titolari di farmacia presentato lo scorso luglio alla Procura di Roma, in Italia esisterebbe una sorta di mercato parallelo dei farmaci: Il mercato parallelo riguarderebbe tra l'altro farmaci antidepressivi, antitumorali e per il trattamento del morbo di Parkinson.

Sul piano dei principi va ricordato che il commercio parallelo costituisce una forma legittima di commercio all'interno del mercato interno, a norma dell'articolo 34 del TFUE. Tuttavia gli Stati membri possono in determinati casi imporre restrizioni agli scambi per i motivi previsti dall'articolo 36 del TFUE o stabiliti dalla giurisprudenza della Corte di giustizia, come la protezione della salute umana.

Il commercio parallelo avviene in diversi Stati membri. Qualunque azione va tuttavia esaminata caso per caso. The drugs being sold on the parallel market include anti-depressants, anti-cancer drugs and drugs for the treatment of Parkinson's disease. As a result, many medicines needed to treat serious diseases are in short supply or unavailable for long periods of time. What action does the Commission intend to take to protect the public, ensuring that there are no shortages of drugs, and to prevent this speculation?

Parallel trade takes place in different Member States. In case of shortages in medicinal products of major therapeutical interest, whose interruption of supply would put in danger the concerned patients, Member States could consider taking action as long as they are justified and proportionate. However, any measures are to be examined on a case by case basis. Programma anti-droga del governo peruviano. Sono stati compiuti progressi anche in relazione agli altri due pilastri: Le problematiche legate alle droghe sono e rimarranno una tematica importante nel dialogo politico con il governo peruviano.

Alternative Development, Interdiction including eradication and Prevention. The ENLCD was developed thanks to a broad participatory process and includes for the first time a set of performance indicators and annual targets. Concerning implementation, the Peruvian Authorities are following the positive results in and making efforts to intensify law-enforcement operations in coca growing regions. The objective for is to eradicate 36, ha 24, in , 14, in Progress have also been made in the two other axes: Alternative Development and Prevention. It is implemented partly by means of budget support and partly by means of technical assistance.

Drugs-related issues are and will remain an important topic in the political dialogue with the Peruvian Government. Debiti della pubblica amministrazione nei confronti delle imprese in Italia: The Commission is not informed of the precise amount of outstanding liabilities of the public authorities to companies in Italy. The Commission is currently in contact with the Italian authorities in order to clarify issues that seem not to be in compliance with the directive.

It will then decide on further steps. If the Court finds that indeed the obligation has not been fulfilled, the Member State must terminate the breach without any delay. If the Member State has not complied with the Court of Justice's judgment, the Court may upon the request of the Commission, impose a lump sum or penalty payment. At this stage it would be premature to estimate the value of the potential penalty which may be imposed. Le conclusioni e la valutazione della relazione sui progressi rimangono sostanzialmente valide.

The findings and the assessment of the progress report remain largely valid. Fondi PAC per le imprese agro-meccaniche. As regards the allocation of Common Agricultural Policy funding, can the Commission indicate whether agricultural engineering companies are considered eligible to apply for grants relating to agricultural innovation and rural development at a national level? If not, does the Commission intend to review the legislation to include companies such as these? Therefore, the eligibility of such companies for funding via a given measure of rural development policy depends on the eligibility conditions set with regard to that particular measure in the aforementioned EU-level rules and in the relevant rural development programme.

With regard to innovation: Such projects would usually involve more than one operator. Infiltrazioni terroristiche nei sistemi educativi scolastici in Indonesia. Come valuta la Commissione l'impatto avuto in tale ambito dallo strumento di cooperazione allo sviluppo attivo fra UE e Indonesia? I recenti arresti evidenziano il gran numero di giovani reclute, che possono essere studenti, giovani privi di istruzione e disoccupati o giovani del ceto medio molto abili nell'uso di internet.

L'UE finanzia attualmente un progetto dell'UNODC nel sud-est asiatico, volto a sostenere la lotta alla radicalizzazione condotta dal governo indonesiano, e contribuisce a contrastare questo fenomeno anche attraverso lo strumento europeo per la democrazia e i diritti umani EIDHR. L'UE lavora a stretto contatto con diversi ministeri, tra cui il ministero dell'Istruzione e il ministero degli Affari religiosi.

Since the Bali bombings Indonesian authorities have been successful in suppressing terrorist activities and dismantling extremist networks. Terrorist groups have, however, proven adept at regrouping and readjusting their strategy. There are ongoing links between old jihadi networks and newer, more diffuse groups. The process of recruitment into extremist groups is however still not well understood and no uniform pattern can be identified. Recent arrests reveal a high number of young recruits: Generally local issues and grievances rather than international topics are used in the recruitment process.

But self-radicalisation and use of Internet propaganda material also play an important role. The EU's considerable support to the education sector in Indonesia around EU million is an important contributor towards an environment of tolerance and understanding. EU support specifically targets equity, quality and governance aspects, which includes oversight and transparency of schooling and school financing systems, as well as increased training of teachers, principals and supervisors.

Considerando che l'etichettatura in oggetto fornisce un'informazione parziale e che l'adozione di tale provvedimento potrebbe condurre a distorsioni sul mercato comunitario, si interroga la Commissione per sapere:. Given that the labelling system in question provides biased information and that the implementation of this measure might result in distortions on the Community market, could the Commission tell us:.

Therefore, there is no Commission opinion to be adopted. Combustione illegale di rifiuti e materiali negli insediamenti abusivi di Roma. Si creano, di fatto, discariche abusive nelle quali si pratica la combustione illegale di rifiuti, producendo un fumo nero, denso e irrespirabile che costringe i cittadini romani a barricarsi in casa.

I roghi di rifiuti sono all'ordine del giorno nella periferia di Roma nelle zone di Parco delle Valli, Viadotto Gronchi, Nuovo Salario, Tor Sapienza, Fidene, Ponte di Nona, Muratella, Magliana ed altre ancora, come testimoniano diverse fonti di stampa locale. Se intende intervenire in questa vicenda e chiedere delucidazioni alla regione Lazio e al Comune di Roma? Se intende intervenire visto che in questa vicenda sono violati, in particolar modo, il diritto alla salute dei cittadini e la tutela dell'ambiente?

La Commissione non era al corrente della situazione riferita dall'onorevole deputato. Essi devono inoltre assicurare che ogni produttore iniziale o altro detentore di rifiuti provveda personalmente al loro trattamento oppure li consegni ad un commerciante o ad un ente o a un'impresa che effettua le operazioni di trattamento dei rifiuti o ad un soggetto addetto alla raccolta dei rifiuti pubblico o privato.

Unlawful waste disposal sites are actually being created, where the illegal burning of waste goes on, producing unbreathable, dense, black smoke which forces residents of Rome to barricade themselves in their homes. Despite the continuous complaints and protests by exasperated residents, the Rome City Council continues to stall requests for assessment of the toxicity of the smoke, requests for immediate clearance and complete restoration of all squatter sites and for a solution to the waste disposal problem. They must also ensure that any original waste producer or other holder carries out the treatment of waste himself or has the treatment handled by a dealer or an establishment which carries out waste treatment operations or arranged by a private or public waste collector.

As such, illegal waste activities do not necessarily imply that the public authorities are at fault; however, a failure to adequately and effectively control such activities would contravene the requirements of the Waste Directive. Inoltre, in assenza di una rete fognaria, ciascun residente deve realizzare una fossa biologica soggetta, secondo le disposizioni di legge, a un'autorizzazione allo scarico da rinnovare ogni quattro anni, e deve provvedere alle spese di pulizia della fossa stessa.

Per questi motivi i cittadini di Borgo San Martino hanno chiesto al Comune di Cerveteri e alla Regione Lazio di porre fine a questa iniqua doppia tassazione. Quali azioni concrete possono intraprendere i cittadini di Borgo San Martino per far valere i loro diritti? Inoltre, anche la doppia imposizione che risulti dall'esercizio parallelo della competenza fiscale da parte di due Stati membri nei confronti dello stesso soggetto passivo non costituisce, in quanto tale, una restrizione vietata dal Trattato.

This consortium was set up in with the task of carrying out the improvement works necessary to maintain the efficiency of an area liable to hydrogeological problems by means, among other things, of an underground irrigation network. However, over the years the improvement activities of the Consortium have declined, leaving the residents of the rural district to bear the anticipated costs. This latter tax in particular is completely baseless, since in the present day buildings are liable to many taxes at all levels — local, provincial, regional and state.

Furthermore, in the absence of any sewerage system, each resident must construct a septic tank, which, in accordance with the law, requires a discharge licence which must be renewed every four years, and must meet the costs of cleaning the septic tank. So far, various judgments of the Italian Court of Cassation have confirmed the legitimacy of claims for local rates only where there is proof of a specific benefit to the property; in other words, the mere existence of a property within the territory belonging to the district is not sufficient for any benefit to be assumed.

For these reasons the residents of Borgo San Martino have requested the Municipality of Cerveteri and the Lazio Region to bring to an end this inequitable double taxation. The Commission regrets that it cannot be of assistance to the Honourable Member as the issue brought to its attention concerns a possible case of double taxation in a purely domestic situation. Double taxation imposed by a single Member State on taxable persons who are resident within its territory is a matter for the taxable persons to take up with the Member State concerned as it does not relate to the principles enshrined in the Treaties, as interpreted by the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Moreover, even double taxation which results from the exercise in parallel by two Member States of their fiscal sovereignty over the same taxable person does not, as such, constitute a restriction prohibited by the Treaty. Therefore there is no legal obligation on Member States to eliminate it. The Commission is not in a position to advise the residents of Borgo San Martino on the specific actions that they could take to enforce their rights, as any such actions are those which are possible under the Italian legal order.

Tutela dei lavoratori della polizia locale di Roma Capitale. All'atto di dare attuazione alla normativa dell'Unione gli Stati membri devono rispettare le disposizioni della Carta dei diritti fondamentali dell'UE.

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The numerous duties performed by municipal police forces in Italy, including ensuring public safety at the scenes of traffic accidents, traffic management and services to prevent petty crime, expose officers to health and safety risks on a daily basis. Given that protection and safety in the workplace and in the performance of duties are fundamental principles of European legislation, legislation that is aimed at defining minimum standards of protection for workers in particular those with high-risk jobs:.

How does the Commission evaluate the conduct of the municipal authorities of Rome and Lazio? What actions or measures can be taken to guarantee favourable working conditions for municipal police forces? The Commission is not aware of the situation referred to and has not been notified of any shortcomings endangering workplace health and safety in the conduct of the Rome and Lazio municipal authorities. It cannot state a position in the absence of more precise information. In any event, the competent national authorities are responsible for enforcing national provisions transposing EU legislation on health and safety at work.

It is for the competent national authorities to monitor and enforce the implementation of national provisions transposing those Directives in individual cases and ensure respect of the rights enshrined in the Charter. The EU Directives on health and safety at work establish minimum requirements and do not prevent any Member State from maintaining or introducing more stringent protective measures than those laid down therein. Piano industriale Electrolux e rischi di chiusura stabilimenti in Italia. Possibili misure europee a sostegno dell'occupazione. Nel caso dello stabilimento di Porcia, in particolare, si fa strada da giorni addirittura l'ipotesi della chiusura.

Si tratta di una sede che occupa dipendenti e la sua eventuale chiusura riguarderebbe oltre 2 mila lavoratori considerando l'indotto. In linea di principio, la Commissione non ha il potere di interferire nelle decisioni delle aziende. In the case of the Porcia factory in particular, workers have been gathering at the gates for days now to protest against the prospect of closure. Due to the unacceptable effect that the proposed cutbacks would have on the social and productive fabric of the areas in question, trade unions and local authorities have shown their willingness to sustain production and seek alternative solutions.

In the light of the desire to implement an industrial compact in support of European industries, can the Commission:. The Commission is not aware of the details of the current restructuring in several Italian plants of the Electrolux Group apart from press sources. It cannot therefore provide any general outline of the situation. As a matter of principle, the Commission has no powers to interfere in a company's decisions. Workers affected by restructuring may qualify for support from the ESF and, provided that the necessary conditions are met, from the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund.

The Commission is not in a position to assess the facts or state whether a private company has, or has not, complied with any national provisions which serve to implement EU directives. Twelve immigrants — including children — tragically died near the island of Farmakonisi as the Greek port authorities were attempting to evict them from Greek waters. This operation formed part of the practical application of one of the top priorities of Greek EU presidency, namely to crack down on refugees and immigrants.

At the same time it is promoting the strengthening of national and EU mechanisms of repression through cooperation between coastguard services and declares that it will make every effort to enhance the operational capabilities of the Member States and further promote operational cooperation between Member States at the external borders of the Union and to establish rules for the surveillance of external borders through joint Frontex operations. This is the purpose of the joint maritime operations of Greek repressive mechanisms and Frontex: Will it continue to operate the concentration camps for refugees and migrants located in EU Member States?

The newly adopted legislation forming the Common European Asylum System, including the Dublin III Regulation, sets out common high standards to ensure that asylum-seekers and refugees enjoy a dignified standard of living and are treated equally in an open and fair manner wherever they apply. As co-legislator, the European Parliament played an essential role in the adoption of these high standards, including confirming the underlying principles of the Dublin Regulation.

The Schengen Borders Code applies without prejudice to the rights of refugees and persons requesting international protection, and when carrying out border control activities, Member States must respect their obligations under the principle of non-refoulement.

Frontex supports Member States through joint operations; it has the task of assisting Member States in circumstances requiring increased technical and operational assistance at the external borders, taking into account that some situations may involve humanitarian emergencies and rescue at sea. The most recent development of the Schengen acquis is the rules for sea operations coordinated by Frontex which are to be adopted shortly by the co-legislators. In the wake of the tragedy in Lampedusa last year, the Commission set up the Task Force Mediterranean.

Olio d'oliva come cura contro il cancro al seno. I finanziamenti dell'UE per la ricerca sono concessi sulla base di inviti a presentare proposte su base concorrenziale, a seguito di una valutazione inter pares indipendente. A test carried out by a team of American researchers has found that hydroxytyrosol, one of the most important components found in olive oil, may have benefits in the fight against breast cancer in pre-menopausal women, as it acts on the density of the breast. All Six Ghost Novels in a single! The moldering outdated plantation housed quite a lot of bins of antebellum artifacts and forgotten oil work.

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