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Intermanual interference in successive right-left-handed motor learning. Wiemeyer , —, Shaker, Aachen. Robustness of principal and longitudinal strains as fracture predictors in side impact. Remote effects of non-invasive cerebellar stimulation on error processing in motor re-learning.

Brain stimulation , 9 5 , — Increased gamma band power during movement planning coincides with motor memory retrieval. NeuroImage , , — Improved retention performance after variable practice comes in line with an increased alpha band power over the prefrontal cortex. A comparison of temporal and location-based sampling strategies for GPS-triggered electronic diaries. Geospatial health , 11 3 , — Physical fitness level affects perception of chronic stress in military trainees.

Stress and health , 33 5 , — Technisches Messen , 83 9 , — Die Analyse sozialer Netzwerke in der sportwissenschaftlichen Forschung.

Was ist Prävention? - Stiftung Gesundheitswissen

Tagung "Der Stand der Netzwerkforschung", Darmstadt, 5. Dezember , 19, Schader Stiftung, Darmstadt. Sportunterricht , 65 1 , 10— Effects of dietary milk- and soy phospholipids on lipid-parameters and other risk indicators for cardiovascular diseases in overweight or obese men: Journal of nutritional science , 5 e21 , 1—9. Anxiety and rumination moderate menstrual cycle effects on mood in daily life. Ambulatory assessment as a means of longitudinal phenotypes characterization in psychiatric disorders.

Neuroscience research , , 13— No interrelation of motor planning and executive functions across young ages. Frontiers in psychology , 7, Article no A three-stage model for the acquisition of anticipatory planning skills for grip selection during object manipulation in young children. November in Erlangen. Einfluss des Startabstandes zur ersten Lichtschranke auf die Ergebnisse des 5-m-Sprints. Journal of strength and conditioning research , 29 8 , — BMC public health , 15 1 , Ambulatory Assessment in the Research on Aging: Contemporary and Future Applications.

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Journal of neuroscience methods , , — Unraveling affective dysregulation in borderline personality disorder: A theoretical model and empirical evidence. Journal of abnormal psychology , 1 , — The kinetics of blood lactate in boys during and following a single and repeated all-out sprints of cycling are different than in men o do children indeed release and remove lactate faster than adults? Applied physiology, nutrition, and metabolism , 40 6 , — The kinetics of blood lactate in boys during and following a single and repeated all-out sprints of cycling are different than in men.

Bilaterales Training im Weitsprung. Tagung der dvs-Sektion Sportmotorik, 5. Influence of a probiotic Lactobacillus casei strain on the colonisation with potential pathogenic streptococci and Staphylococcus aureus in the nasopharyngeal space of healthy men with a low baseline NK cell activity. Medical microbiology and immunology , 4 , — Advances in Production Technology. Brecher , —, Springer, Berlin. Biomechanical Analysis of Manual Assembly Tasks. Reduced emotional stress reactivity to a real-life academic examination stressor in students participating in a week aerobic exercise training: A randomised controlled trial using Ambulatory Assessment.

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Geschlechtsrollen-Selbstkonzept, Gesundheit und gesundheitsrelevantes Handeln. The lost war and its consequences for higher education students. The international journal of the history of sport , Supl. A Systematic Review [in press]. Journal of attention disorders. PLoS one , 10 11 , e Sportmotorische Tests im Kindes- und Jugendalter: Comparing movement variability between outdoor vs. Footwear science , 7, 30— The MoMo longitudinal study Health behavior, health promotion and society. Improving Motor Activity Assessment in Depression: PLoS one , 10 4 , e Personal matter or family affair?

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Intra- and inter-individual relationships between stress, physical activity, sedentery behavior, and nutrition. The effect of force-controlled biting on motor control - experimental studies under laboratory and field conditions. The effect of force-controlled biting on motor control — experimental studies under laboratory and field conditions. Force-controlled biting alters postural control in bipedal and unipedal stance.

Journal of oral rehabilitation , 42 3 , — The effect of oral motor activity on the athletic performance of professional golfers. Frontiers in psychology , 6 Postural stability and the influence of concurrent muscle activation — Beneficial effects of jaw and fist clenching. Ambulatory assessment in borderline personality disorder: Macht eine Gemeindereform aus zweien eins?

Meaning of "Schrothkur" in the German dictionary

Turnen in der Primarstufe. Grundschule Sport , 8 , Selbstkompetenz steigern durch Differenzierung. Das Deutsche Sportabzeichen als Ideensammlung. Grundschule Sport , 8 , 6—9. Von Schulterbeweglichkeit und Biomechanik: Open Science in der Sportwissenschaft?! Frames of reference in action plan recall: Experimental brain research , 10 , — Prediction of fruit and vegetable intake from biomarkers using individual participant data of diet-controlled intervention studies.

British journal of nutrition , 9 , — Results of the MoMo Study. PLoS one , 10 12 , e Do media use and physical activity behavor compete in adolecents. Interlimb Transfer of Learned Dynamics. Interlimb transfer of learned dynamics. Adaptation, Consolidation, and Generalization Mechanisms in Human Motor Control and Learning - Development of a methodological framework and conduction of psychophysical studies. Intermanual transfer characteristics of dynamic learning: Journal of neurophysiology , 6 , — Intermanuelle Transfermechanismen beim motorischen Lernen.

Generalization characteristics of motor memory: Traffic injury prevention , 16 sup2 , S—S Motor memory consolidation leads to enhanced gamma band power in the EEG. Higher gamma band power coincides with motor memory retrieval. Affective Dynamics in Psychopathology. Emotion review , 7 4 , — Elaboration of the Environmental Stress Hypothesis — Results from a population-based 6-year follow-up. Journal of Comorbidity , 5 2 Suppl. Interorganizational Cooperation in Sport Tourism: A Social Network Analysis.

Sport management review , 18 4 , — Comparative biokinetics and metabolism of pure monomeric, dimeric, and polymeric flavanols: A randomized cross-over study in humans. Second-order motor planning in children: Psychological research , 79 4 , — Journal of social sciences , 10 2 , 46— PLoS one , 9 2 , e Kooperation zwischen Schule und Verein am Beispiel des Golfsports: International journal of sport nutrition and exercise metabolism , 24 6 , — Profi - Ja oder Nein?

Leistungssport , 44 2 , 17— Physiologische Reaktionen auf Hochintensives Intervalltraining bei Nachwuchsleistungssportlern und erwachsenen Athleten. Hormonal, metabolic and cardiorespiratory responses of young and adult athletes to a single session of high intensity cycle exercise. Pediatric exercise science , 26 4 , — Hoch- intensives Intervalltraining mit Kindern und Jugendlichen im Nachwuchsleistungssport. Wiener medizinische Wochenschrift , , — Exercise after work, psychological mediators, and affect: European journal of work and organizational psychology , 23 1 , 62— Dietary walnut oil modulates liver steatosis in the obese Zucker rat.

European journal of nutrition , 53 2 , — Recommendations for promoting physical activity for children and adolescents in Germany. Obesity facts , 7 3 , — Dietary fat quality in regular fat diets has minor effects on biomarkers of inflammation in obese Zucker rats.

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  • European journal of nutrition , 53 1 , — Sports , 2 3 , 59— Modulation of frontal and parietal neuronal activity by visuomotor learning. An ERP analysis of implicit and explicit pursuit tracking tasks. International journal of psychophysiology , 91 3 , — Becker , 13—30, Springer VS, Wiesbaden. Maurer , 50, Feldhaus - Ed. Body self-evaluation and physical scars in patients with borderline personality disorder: Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotion Dysregulation , 1 2 , 1— De Haan , Leistungssport , 44 1 , 24— A healthy lifestyle campaign by-youth-for-youth: Does initial behavior predict our physical fitness and health 18 years later?

    Psychology of sport and exercise , 15 1 , 81— Jahrestagung der dvs-Sektion Biomechanik vom Association between dopa decarboxylase gene variants and borderline personality disorder.

    Gesamte Publikationsliste

    Psychiatry research , 3 , — Frank , , Feldhaus - Ed. Family health climate scale FHC-scale: International journal of behavioral nutrition and physical activity , 11 1 , Kann man den Tag doch vor dem Abend loben? Eine empirische Untersuchung zur Umsetzung sportbezogener Intentionen im Alltag. Becker , —, Springer VS, Wiesbaden.

    Proximity to sports facilities and sports participation for adolescents in Germany.

    Synonyms and antonyms of Schrothkur in the German dictionary of synonyms

    PLoS one , 9 3 , e Being stressed and active!? An analysis of different aspects of the relationship between physical activity, individual perceived stress, and individual health. In Bewegung oder auf Stand By? Sportwissenschaft - Literaturrecherche in Datenbanken: Tipps zur erfolgreichen Suche. Force-controlled biting affects postural control in bipedal and unipedal stance. Maurer , 57, Feldhaus - Ed. A review on recent findings and methodological challenges. Journal of personality disorders , 28 9 , — Specificity of affective instability in patients with borderline personality disorder compared to posttraumatic stress disorder, bulimia nervosa, and Healthy controls.

    Jugendlich und 70 Jahre alt: Turnen ist mehr - Patriotismus als Lebensform. Vitamin D supply of German children and adolescents. Prevalence, determinants and possible consequences [Vitamin-D-versorgung deutscher kinder und jugendlicher. Imagination, cognition and personality , 33 3 , — Everyday emotional experience of adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: Evidence for reactive and endogenous emotional lability.

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    November - 7. Jahrestagung der dvs-Kommission "Sport und Raum", Konstanz, September im Rahmen des Der Netzwerkansatz zur Analyse sporttouristischer Kooperationsstrukture. November und Konstanz, Als wie belastend erleben Referendarinnen und Referendare mit dem Unterrichtsfach Sport den Anfang ihrer Schullaufbahn? Sportunterricht , 63 8 , 1—6. The development of cognitive and motor planning skills in young children. Cognitive processing , 15 1, Suppl.

    Increased involvement of the parahippocampal gyri in a sad mood predicts future depressive symptoms. Social cognitive and affective neuroscience , 9 12 , — Journal of social sciences , 9 2 , 54— Foot deformation during walking: Ergonomics , 57 6 , — A robotic device for applications in human motor learning and rehabilitation.

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    Footwear science , 5 2 , — MOON-test - Determination of motor performance in the pediatric oncology. Monatsschrift Kinderheilkunde , 5 , — Anthocyanin-rich juice does not affect gut-associated immunity in Fischer rats. PLoS one , 8 6 , e Characteristics of the activity-affect association in inactive people: Frontiers in psychology , 4, Das internationale Zahntechnik-Magazin , 17 5 , — ZP , 16 3 , — International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology , 63 PART 11 , — Induced ruminative and mindful attention in everyday life: Journal of behavior therapy and experimental psychiatry , 44 3 , — Effects of mood and rumination on cortisol levels in daily life: Psychoneuroendocrinology , 38 10 , — Physical activity in sports clubs of children and adolescents in Germany: Results from a nationwide representative survey.

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    Frontiers in psychology , 4 DEC , Article Association between health behavior and cardiorespiratory fitness in adolescents: Results from the cross-sectional MoMo-Study. The More Physically Active, the Healthier? Journal of physical activity and health , 10, — Struktur und Funktion sportlicher Bewegungen. Robotics and motor learning: Roboter als Werkzeuge sportwissenschaftlicher Bewegungsforschung. Mess , 70, Feldhaus - Ed. Influence of the amount of practice on the consol-idation of motor memory in force field adaptation tasks.

    Mess , 79, Feldhaus - Ed. Annual review of clinical psychology , 9 March , — Acute and medium term effects of a week running intervention on mood state in apprentices. Funktionen und Bedingungen betrieblicher Gesundheitskommunikation. Der Netzwerkansatz zu Analyse sporttouristischer Kooperation. Mess , , Feldhaus, Ed. Quality in Regional Sports Tourism: Managing Regional Sports Tourism Networks: European sport management quarterly , 13 4 , — Journal of applied biomechanics , 29 5 , — Journal of applied biomechanics , 29 6 , — Graf , 25—28, Academia-Verlag, Sankt Augustin.

    Public-Health-Forum , 21 2 , 10— Age- and sex-dependent disparity in physical fitness between obese and normalweight children and adolescents. The journal of sports medicine and physical fitness , 53 1 , 48— A systematic review of the end-state comfort effect in normally developing children and in children with developmental disorders. Journal of motor learning and development , 1 3 , 59— Moderate effects of apple juice consumption on obesity-related markers in obese men: Impact of diet-gene interaction on body fat content.

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    Ambulatory Assessment of Movement Behavior: Methodology, Measurement and Application. Handbook of research methods for studying daily life. Obesity facts , 5 4 , — Ambulatory Assessment als innovatives Instrument zur Kompetenzerfassung. Kompetenzen in der Kompetenzerfassung: Pfadenhauer , 57—74, Beltz Juventa, Weinheim. Investigating Temporal Instability in Psychological Variables: Understanding the Real Word as Time-Dependent. The meaning of health-related physical activity in prevention and rehabilitation - A review of German speaking publications in and Von klein auf Energie tanken.

    Praxis der Psychomotorik , 37 4 , — Physical education as an object of disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary observations - An overview of publications in German from - Modellierung, Implementation und Evaluation. Byshko , 24—27, Univ. Symposium der dvs-Sektion Sportinformatik, Konstanz, Physical fitness and stress reactivity in real-life fire fighting simulations.

    Medicine and science in sports and exercise , 44 Suppl. RKW-Magazin , 2 , 28— The effect of mental training on precision tasks in tennis and soccer: A study on educational technology.

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    Kurzzeitige aktive und passive Regenerationspausen. Induced rumination in everyday life: Advancing research approaches to study rumination. Personality and individual differences , 53 6 , — Prevalence and socio-demographic correlates of the compliance with the physical activity guidelines in children and adolescents in Germany.

    Fehlende Werte in sportwissenschaftlichen Untersuchungen. Sportwissenschaft , 2 , — Sportpsychologische Kompetenz und Verantwortung: Wegner , 86, Feldhaus - Ed. Autonomous regulation mode moderates the effect of actual physical activity on affective states: An ambulant assessment approach on the role of selfdetermination. Physical education for children and youth with disabilities in the special education and general school systems in Germany. Journal of physical education and sport , 5 1 , 18— The end-state comfort effect in 3- to 8-year-old children in two object manipulation tasks.

    Frontiers in psychology , 3, Article: Wegner , , Feldhaus - Ed. Adipositas , 6 6 , 30— Bundesgesundheitsblatt, Gesundheitsforschung, Gesundheitsschutz , 55 1 , — Socio-demographic correlates of physical activity and physical fitness in German children and adolescents. European journal of public health , 22 6 , — Neurogeriatrie , 9 1 , 17— Influence of calcaneus angle and muscle forces on strain distribution in the human Achilles tendon. Clinical biomechanics , 27 9 , — Physical fitness and physical activity as determinants of health development in children and adolescents: The MoMo Longitudinal Study.

    Slacklining mit Kindern und Jugendlichen. Praxis der Psychomotorik , 37 1 , 4— Eckert , 72, Feldhaus - Ed. Das Familienklima als Determinante des Gesundheitsverhaltens. Eckert , 71, Feldhaus - Ed. Methodological issues associated with the mean value of repeated laboratory running measurements. Footwear science , 4 3 , — Methodologische Aspekte biomechanischer Messungen unter Laborbedingungen: Der Kompetenzstreit um Bildung. Kontexte und Konsequenzen der Kompetenzerfassung. Pfadenhauer , 7—17, Beltz Juventa, Weinheim. ManipAnalysis - ein Softwaretool zur Analyse von Kraftfeldexperimenten.

    ManipAnalysis — ein Softwaretool zur Analyse von Kraftfeldexperimenten. Byshko , —, Univ. Mit dem Fahrrad zur Schule: Eckert , 80, Feldhaus - Ed. Validity and reliability of a self-report instrument to assess social support and physical environmental correlates of physical activity in adolescents. A Review of the Literature. Aktuelle Neurologie , 39 5 , — Stress regulation and incision in borderline personality disorder-a pilot study modeling cutting behavior.

    Journal of personality disorders , 26 4 , — Stress and incision-induced pain in borderline personality disorder - a pilot study. Countermovement jump in performance diagnostics. Use of the correct jumping technique. European journal of sport science , 12 3 , — What does psychology and psychiatry need from Mobile Systems - an end-user perspective. Jahn-Report , 35 16 , 34— Sportunterricht , 61 8 , 1—5. Evaluation of naltrexone for dissociative symptoms in borderline personality disorder. International clinical psychopharmacology , 27 1 , 61— Sleep and dreaming in patients with borderline personality disorder: Psychiatry research , , — Sportunterricht , 61 8 , — A cluster-analytic approach towards multidimensional health-related behaviors in adolescents: BMC public health , 12 1 , Human movement and performance analysis.

    Talk at Karlsruhe Institut of Technologie: Zum Einsatz von Robotertechnologien in der Bewegungswissenschaft und Biomechanik. International journal of computer science in sport , 11 3 , 52— Geuter , , Huber, Bern. International journal of sports medicine , 33 11 , — Bewegt im hohen Alter: Peer problems mediate the relationship between developmental coordination disorder and behavioral problems in school-aged children. Research in developmental disabilities , 33 6 , — Motor development in childhood and adolescence. Research quarterly for exercise and sport , 83 Suppl. Dialogorientierte Kommunikation im Betrieblichen Gesundheitsmanagement.

    Dialogkommunikation im Betrieblichen Gesundheitsmanagement. Eckert , 97, Feldhaus - Ed. Sport in Globalised Societies - Changes and Challenges: Intelligente Hand- und Kopfarbeit: Experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Planung einfacher Bewegungen. Auswirkungen von Nintendo-Wii Bowling auf Altenheimbewohner. Sport, Spiel und Freizeit in Reilingen.

    Sportbericht Konstanz - Sportverhalten und Sportstrukturen. Sportmotorische Tests im Sportunterricht: Beweglichkeit unter Trainings- und Wettkampfbedingungen. Leistungssport , 42 5 , 47— Emotionserkennung auf der Basis von Gangmustern. Link , 91—95, Feldhaus, Hamburg. Kinder bewegen - Energien nutzen, Karlsruhe, BioMotionBot - a new 3D robotic manipulandum with endpoint-force control.

    Intelligent robotics and applications: Jeschke , —, Springer, Berlin. September ; Abstracts. Hottenrott , , Czwalina, Hamburg. Eine retrospektive Befragung Erwachsener zu ihrem Bewegungsverhalten im Grundschulalter. Sportunterricht , 60 2 , 43— Kinder bewegen - Energien nutzen: Kongress ; [Karlsruhe, Baadte , 1—21, Verl. Shifting boundaries in sports technology and disability: Duriska , —, KIT, Karlsruhe. Measuring Temporal In Stability and Variability.

    Speichelcortisolkonzentration von Jungen nach anaerob-laktaziden Intervallbelastungen. Der Tanz auf dem Band: Eingliederung von Mitarbeitern mit psychischen Erkrankungen. Eingliederung von Mitarbeitern mit psychischen Erkrankungen: Handlungsbedarf aus Sicht betrieblicher Akteure. Duriska , 24—25, KIT, Karlsruhe. Anti-Stress-Atmen und anderes mehr! Duriska , 22—23, KIT, Karlsruhe. International journal of computer science in sport , 10 1 , 63— User recognition in walking: The influence of Nordic Walking training on sit-to-stand transfer in Parkinson Patients.

    Joint health and functional ability in children with haemophilia who receive intensive replacement therapy. Haemophilia , 17 5 , — Sportwissenschaftlicher Hochschultag, Halle, Saale, Hottenrott , 94, Feldhaus, Hamburg. Analysis and comparison of energy expenditure in walking and Nordic walking at self-imposed speed. Medicine and science in sports and exercise , 43 5, Suppl. Estimation of energy expenditure using accelerometers and activity-based energy models-validation of a new device.

    European Review of Aging and Physical Activity , 8 2 , — Journal of agricultural and food chemistry , 59 15 , — Generation of Se-fortified broccoli as functional food: Impact of Se-fertilization on S-metabolism. Dissociation predicts poor response to Dialectical Behavioral Therapy in female patients with Borderline Personality Disorder. Journal of personality disorders , 25 4 , — Den Alltag im Blick.

    KIT - Institut für Sport und Sportwissenschaft - Forschung - Gesamte Publikationsliste

    Duriska , 40—41, KIT, Karlsruhe. Wie verbringen Studierende ihre Zeit? Arbeitsbelastung und Stresserleben bei Bachelor-Studierenden. Duriska , 38—39, KIT, Karlsruhe. Daily ailments among healthy, middle-aged adults-situation report and explanatory approaches. Gesunde Kita - starke Kinder! Hottenrott , 14, Czwalina, Hamburg. Is the local minimum in the force time history in counter-movement jumps related to jump performance?

    Portugese Journal of Sport Science , 11 Supplement 2 , — Pilotstudie zum Einsatz des Aerstep bei Kindern. Journal of Health Psychology , 16 2 , — Neurologie und Rehabilitation , 17 5 , 55— Numerical optimization as a tool for sports science. The position of medial dual density midsole elements in running shoes does not influence biomechanical variables. Theoretische Grundlagen der Gesundheitsbildung, Sprache: Nach dem Krieg wurde die Schrothkur im Jahre im westlichen Teil Deutschlands durch den ehemaligen letzten Lindewieser schrothheilkundigen Arzt, Dr.

    Karin Kraft, Rainer Stange, Die "Oberstaufener Schrothkur " ist eine Regulationstherapie: Auf diesen beiden Grundlagen basiert auch das Heilfasten mit der Schrothkur. Diese dauert zwei bis drei Wochen und besteht aus sogenannten Trink- und so Eine Fastenkur, bei der etwas mehr erlaubt ist als bei anderen Programmen, ist die Schrothkur. Die Schrothkur wurde im Jahrhundert von dem Bauern und Spezialisiert hat sich Dr. Andrea Wirrwitz-Bingger vor allem auf die Schrothkur. Oberstaufen, dort wo sie ihre Praxis betreibt, ist das einzige offiziell anerkannte German words that begin with s.