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Just legally protect yourself from further liability. At a professional social among people involved in the engineering, construction, and related community, the kind that is attended by mainly Managing Directors, upper management, and salespeople, and nearly everyone is in business attire, there was a subgroup of half a dozen people on the side with a lawyer among them, and they were discussing legal liability and other issues as regards construction projects.

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The man told the lawyer that when they signed the contract a long time ago, the person who signed on behalf of his company didn't actually have signatory authority according to the company bylaws. I think it was a senior engineer who signed the contract, but not the Managing Director. The man asked the lawyer what would happen if his company refused to pay on this technicality, and he seemed quite serious to me.

The lawyer said the company didn't have to pay. Another attendee said he had experience with this, and he agreed with the lawyer. Understand, the lawyer and all the other expats worked for reputable multinational companies.

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Nobody objected, so I raised the question about whether the work was satisfactory, but that was deemed irrelevant. That guy didn't seem worried about his company's reputation, either, like "This Is Thailand" and normal here. It's not normal, but if you hang out with a peer group of crooks then it may seem normal in your microcosm. I believe the company would still be liable for paying that bill, given all the documentation. I am not at all convinced that the abovementioned lawyer's opinion is right and obviously, it was the kind of lawyer looking for any kind of business taking the side of most any kind of customer, you know the sort In any case, if you have a contract to sign with another company, then to minimize any potential hassles and delays, you should be aware that the Thai government provides an on-line way to check who has signatory authority, among other things, at the on-line Department of Business Development's company information database at http: It is in Thai, and if you don't have someone to help you, then you can get a quick translation via our translation division at www.

When someone signs, get a signed copy of their passport, as is standard in major transactions in Thailand and a copy of any Thai ID card.


A potential customer, actually a group, came to me for assistance in setting up a company, along with soliciting other advice as Thailand Guru. However, in a long conversation, as the discussions about their plans went along, they revealed some rather nefarious methods they intended to use to damage their competitors which I would rather not repeat and give any crooks any ideas. Mind you, these were all foreigners coming to Thailand wanting to get greedy and steal business from their Thai competition, not by providing better quality of service but by tricky means.

They treated their competitors and other people like they were just objects in a competitive game for business and money, not seeing these established competitors as hard working companies who had employees with families and who might care about their customers. I tried to open their minds, but they could only see money and had their own pack mentality. I later told them I didn't have time to do their case, but they had lost interest in me anyway, thank goodness.

I've actually encountered this multiple times, and come across variations of this elsewhere, too -- people trying to damage competitors. It's not common, but it does happen. A western family member inquired about their son being involved with a beautiful Thai lady who had recently been put in jail, and their son had been going thru extraordinary amounts of money, tens of millions of baht.

Our investigation revealed that his girlfriend had allegedly killed her Thai common law husband who was also her business partner, and in addition to taking over his business assets, also staked claim to many millions of baht as the beneficiary of his substantial life insurance policy and there were questions of whether he was even aware of that life insurance policy taken out very recently.

The police were diligent and had what looked like a rock solid case can't go into details , despite witness intimidation, but it appeared the judge was bribed.

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In the short period before appeal, she fled Thailand. Low level judges can sometimes be bribed, but appeals courts are a different matter. Even when stock and forex scam boiler room operations were busted, those caught were eventually released with hardly a slap to the wrist. The bigger the scam, the lower the chance it will really be dealt with substantially in the end.

However, I can also say that some authorities had less compassion for "get rich quick" victims who fell for these silly scammers, blinded by their own greed. That is much different from legitimate companies or people getting scammed. I know this is a controversial remark, but it is my observation.

Nonetheless, the "protection" of the scammers is remarkable. They made lots of money to pay for this protection. Be careful about anyone whose ego is easily bruised, because your mere words can lead to their sticks and stones behavior.

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I have noticed these traits in many but not all criminals here: Huge egos, like they want to feel like they are the top dog, and deserve respect. Money and power just add to this. Many of them don't consider the consequences of their actions. These are usually the ones with emotional reactions exacerbated by substance abuse. They don't just talk, they actually DO things without considering what others could do back to them if the other person were of the same mindset.

Actually, this "lack of consideration of the consequences" is often the difference between a "ruffian" and a normal "criminal", as many criminals are actually more composed and know how to keep out of unnecessary trouble, not obsessive over winning every battle. You can find a full list here. A few that are easier to obtain are anise, amaranth, basil, cacao, cayenne, chamomile, clove, cumin, dill, and fennel.

Each herb has a specific use and tackles different kinds of hauntings. If you're a non-believer, this may not be an easy step to follow. But let's face it, if you believe you have a ghost, you are already past the state of non-believing. And, prayer, even when you don't believe in God, can still be very powerful.

Is your favorite verse on the list?

If you are looking for a non-denominational prayer, try the circle of light:. And all is well. Ghosts and bad spirits tend to stay away from people with clean auras. So how do you keep your aura cleansed? Get at least 15 minutes of exposure to sunlight each day. Try to stop believing This may sound trite and silly but if you believe strongly in the possibility of evil spirits and demonic possession, you're more vulnerable. Those who don't believe are a lot more likely to dismiss anything odd and therefore are less vulnerable to possession. The effects resume when the duration of this spell expires.

While under the effects of this spell, the target is immune to any new attempts to possess or exercise mental control over the target. This spell does not expel a controlling life force such as a ghost or spellcaster using magic jar , but it does prevent them from controlling the target. This second effect only functions against spells and effects created by evil creatures or objects, subject to GM discretion. Third , the spell prevents bodily contact by evil summoned creatures.

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This causes the natural weapon attacks of such creatures to fail and the creatures to recoil if such attacks require touching the warded creature. Summoned creatures that are not evil are immune to this effect. The protection against contact by summoned creatures ends if the warded creature makes an attack against or tries to force the barrier against the blocked creature.